Lighthouse Chalong International
Kindergarten & School, Phuket


Current as of mid-2022

Melissa - Director and Manager

Melissa is from Canada and has a long history of managing people and educating children. She began teaching in Thailand in 2006 and has continued to learn and adapt to new learning styles. Melissa also has six children of her own which gives her great experience in teaching and adapting to different children's strengths and weaknesses and learning styles.


Stephanie is from South Africa and has been a teacher and leader in a number of high quality educational institutions in South Africa and Thailand. Stephanie has been teaching and leading kindergartens for the last five years in increasing roles of responsibility. She loves learning through play and believes that children love to learn and we need to continue to encourage that love as they progress through the foundation years.

Cherie - Year 1 Head Teacher

Cherie is from the United states and has been teaching both in Thailand and America for six years. She began teaching upon graduating with her Education Degree. She loves to learn and teaches children with love, kindness and respect for their individual personalities. She is amazing at math and loves to engage the children in science projects and outside activities. We are thankful for such an amazing teacher for our children.

Rycka - Kindergarten 2 Head Teacher

Rycka graduated almost 10 years ago with her education degree and has followed her passion since that time. She has worked in England, China and now in Thailand. She brings a fresh perspective and loves to enable children to learn through doing. She has a wonderful play-based curriculum that gives the children confidence and the ability to see problems and opportunities with a broad perspective. Children love to learn from her, whether it's individually, in small groups, or when she is teaching a large group during circle time.

Aibe - Kindergarten 1 Head Teacher

Aibe brings a bright personality and loving nature to the school as she cares for the youngest learners. After a few weeks with Rose the children all seem calm and have a desire to learn new things constantly. She has received the nickname 'baby-whisperer' for good reason.

Brooke - Nursery

Brooke is from Canada . She has taught in a number of different schools and each of those schools she has taught long-term. It is important to us to have stability in the classroom and Brooke gives that stability to her class and the school as a whole. Greyson loves to continue learning, she is currently taking a Montessori course to allow her to bring those core teaching methods to the classroom and other teachers.

We are so excited for the team we have and the amazing education standards we are able to offer.

Head Thai Teacher - Kru Ae

Kru Au has been with the school for the last seven years and is amazing with the children. She brings the best out of them and is so focused on helping them with hands-on learning. Ae has an education degree and she knows how to keep the children engaged in learning. She makes learning fun and allows the children of all ages to experience Thai and Thai culture from a wonderful perspective.

Kru Soda

Kru Soda has been with the school for the last three years and is some amazing and compasionate with the children. Soda has a love for music and the arts and you can see that with her interactions with the children. She is so caring and we are very happy to have her on our team.

We understand that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision, maybe one of the most important that you have made up until this point in their life. Our own children attend the school and we ensure that they get the very best, from teachers, to meals, to facilities and opportunities. We treat each child like we would treat our own. We desire to build in them a growth mindset, helping them to continue their love of learning which children are naturally born.

Please feel free to contact us anytime to arrange a meeting during operating hours and see what our school has to offer. We have native English speaking teachers and bi-lingual, qualified and experienced, teaching/childcare staff.

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Our Mission

To provide a fun and stimulating curriculum that provides each child with positive experiences and life tools needed to strive during their academic journey.

To deliver the highest international quality school campus & staff with a nurturing and creative environment, where your child can explore and develop with no limitations.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

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