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International curriculum

Our Curriculum at Lighthouse Chalong International Kindergarten and Early Years Curriculum is based on the Canadian Flight framework ( which incorporates ideas from Montessori and Waldorf methods, centered around hands-on learning, play, observation and interaction. During these early years young children learn through hands-on experience and participation, therefore, we provide opportunities for children to select, explore and practice various skills through a variety of materials and prepared activities. Children use play to make sense of the world. What might look like "childs play" to an adult is actually learning in progress. During play, your child will become motivated and engaged in their chosen activities. They learn when they are actively involved and interested. Through this philosophy, your child will develop problem solving skills, social and communication skills. Our environment is friendly, stimulating and organized. Our curriculum is also flexible so that it can accommodate children's different interests, experiences and special needs.

Throughout the day our timetable provides a balance of environments for chidren (quiet, child-selected/teacher-directed, individual and group activities) in which to develop skills in the following key areas.


• Recognize patterns and learn to repeat them
• Learn sequential order by exploring what comes next in a series of objects or events
• Develop the ability to identify, match and group common properties and their relationship to one another
• Make observations and suggest reasons why things happen, test, observe and make conclusions
• Gain new information or vocabulary in relation to a new activity


• Take part in different physical activities
• Build a positive image about their bodies by knowing body parts and their functions
• Learn to coordinate their eye and hand movements
• Practice large motor skills such as movement and balance
• Refine the smaller motor skills by manipulating and controlling objects such as pencils, crayons, brushes and other tools

Social & Emotional Well-Being

• Develop trust, instinct and initiative
• Become confident in their growing abilities
• Easily express their feelings and needs with the appropriate words and actions
• Make friends and seek other children to play with
• Aquire the ability to choose their own activities
• Comfort their fellow peers and begin to show empathy


• Increase their vocabulary literacy and extend their sentence structures
• Ability to take part in group discussions and develop their own opinions
• Make requests and ask questions and have the ability to carry out a series of directions
• Express feelings verbally and describe objects and events
• Have conversations with other children
• Develop an understanding and appreciation for stories, poems, songs and relative media


• Practice hand washing, toileting and dressing and develop appropriate behaviour towards others
• Serving, eating and cleaning up after themselves during lunch and snack times
• Make their own decisions and choices and ask for assistance when needed
• Face obstacles and attempt new or challenging activities
• Build an awareness of safety procedures, observe, identify boundaries and follow rules
• Develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their belongings and the environment around them

By conducting activities in these key areas, your child will gain a sense of responsibility and confidence. An advanced foundation of knowledge in the English language, basic Thai, arithmetic, science, nature and geography, music, arts and crafts. We have a vast array of media on hand to stimulate your child's mind, from our in house library of books, colour crayons and paint supplies, toys, games, musical instruments and the latest electronic media, such as educational DVD/CD and online interactive media.

Last but not least, the interior walls of our entire school have been painted to create a fun yet stimulating environment. You as a parent can rest easy in the knowledge that your child will begin their educational journey with a solid foundation of skills.

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Our Mission

To provide a fun and stimulating curriculum that provides each child with positive experiences and life tools needed to strive during their academic journey.

To deliver the highest international quality school campus & staff with a nurturing and creative environment, where your child can explore and develop with no limitations.

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