Lighthouse Chalong International
Kindergarten & School, Phuket

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Our facility has been designed to provide your child with a fun and safe environment in which to attain the life tools and skills they will need as they begin their academic life. Everything is located on the ground floor. No stairs for the children to climb. Being away from busy roads and dusty traffic allows us to take advantage of the fresh clean air around us.

We have a total of 8 classrooms within our facility. We have a nursery with padded flooring. We have separate kindergarten & pre school/school classrooms. We have large arts & crafts areas where the children are free to express themselves through the many structured activities we have on offer. For the children who require naps, we have a quite sleep room with padded flooring away from the classrooms. We have various dedicated areas for circle and story times, music & movement and teacher led activities. Due to the design of our school, the children have complete access outdoors, all year round. Rain or shine, the children are protected, no matter what the weather.

Other facilities include – 

420 square metres of covered, all weather outdoor class & playground space, complete with padded floors and walls and complimented with high quality swings, sliders climbing frames, trampolines, seesaws, toys etc.

800 square meters of outdoor playing field with 16 square metres of padded bamboo sala for shade.

4 additional classrooms with on suite bathrooms are located in our second building next to our playing field.

Outdoor & Indoor toilets/bathroom/showers and custom built sink station with child height facilities.

Fully-equipped kitchen and childrens dining area.

Above all, your child's safety and well-being come first, this is why we are protected by a wall that surrounds the entire property with steel gates, front and back, securely locked at all times. We have two certified Emergency First Response Instructors for infant, child and adult in attendance at all times.


It's only natural for young children, especially new students to experience some anxiety about parents leaving. Your child may be anxious about leaving you when coming to school. Sometimes this can happen on the first day, maybe later on, or not at all. Some children find it comforting to keep an item from home, or belonging to their parents with them for comfort and assurance that you will return. We want your child to have a smooth and enjoyable transition from home to new and stimulating social environments. Our experienced staff will be happy to provide helpful strategies for a smooth transition should your child experience separation anxiety. Please allow some time for adjustment. You will find that in a short time, your child will settle in comfortably and look forward to their next day at school.


Creativity plays a large part throughout our curriculum, the children work with a large variety of creative materials from water based paints, through to colouring pencils, food colouring, markers, crayons, chalk and paper glue . Even though the children will be wearing aprons, it is difficult to prevent art supplies from getting onto their clothes. Please take into consideration what your child will be wearing to school and if possible a change of clothing, such as spare t-shirts  and shorts.

Safety, Illness & Injury

Throughout the day and during class activities, we strive to provide a safe environment for the children. They are always within view and earshot of our staff. Should your child become sick, such as a high fever, who are contagious or unable to take part in the daily routine due to illness, should not attend school. Our primary concern is for the health and safety of all the children in attendance and to minimize the spread of infection. Once your child is symptom free and fever free for 24 hours and have the ability to handle the daily routine, they may return. Young children do take a tumble from time to time, so for this reason, we have a fully stocked first aid kit to treat minor injures such as cuts and scrapes. We will not administer any medications without your written consent, which can be found in the medical questionnaire at the time of enrollment.

Discipline & Guidance

We aim to provide guidance and discipline by encouraging the development of children's self-control and self-discipline. We help the children settle conflicts by using words and problem-solving strategies. When children are motivated and engaged in activities throughout the day, they rarely pose any major discipline problems, but minor conflicts do arise from time to time. We allow the children to handle these on their own whenever possible or practical for their own self-development. But if a child is behaving in a way that is potentially harmful to themselves, others, or property, adults will intervene. In very rare cases, we may contact you to discuss certain issues.

Nutritional Information

We provide a healthy, well-balanced diet for the children in our care to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need. We have a fully equipped kitchen with all major appliances and a full time cook. Hot meals are prepared on site every lunchtime using only the freshest ingredients. Snacks and drinks are also available thoughout the day. Should your child have any special dietary requirements, please let us know on the medical questionnaire at the time of enrollment.

School Visits

Parents are welcome to visit the school anytime during the day. Please check in at reception during operating hours. Pick up and drop off are also a great time to exchange brief information with our staff in relation to your child, please feel free to check in at the office during this time.

School Trips

At various times throughout your child's attendance, we will organize special outings in relation to the students curriculum. Parents will always be informed prior to any trip and will have the sole right to exclude their child from attending. We operate our trips on a ratio of 3 children to every adult. As always, safety is our number one priority and we welcome any parent who wishes to accompany us on a trip. For transportation, we have our own fully insured air-conditioned school bus.

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Our Mission

To provide a fun and stimulating curriculum that provides each child with positive experiences and life tools needed to strive during their academic journey.

To deliver the highest international quality school campus & staff with a nurturing and creative environment, where your child can explore and develop with no limitations.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us for further enquiries.

Address: 34/4 Moo 7 Soi Jaofa 57, Chalong, Phuket 83130,Thailand
English: 084 520 4978
Thai: 093 575 8553
Tel/Fax: 076 374 018
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